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Q: What is Assisted Living like?
A: Maplewood Court is designed to be operated, staffed and maintained to best meet the needs and desires of residents.

Primary characteristics:

  • Security and Independence
  • Privacy and Companionship
  • Physical and Social well-being

Q: Is Assisted Living right for me?
A: To reside in Maplewood Court, residents must demonstrate:

  • Capability of self-preservation and independent mobility
  • Semi-independence in activities of daily living (ADL's)
  • Management of incontinence
  • Acceptance of medication supervision or administration
  • Capability of social activity
  • Minimum age of 65-years-old

Q: What can I expect from Assisted Living?
A: Maplewood Court emphasizes the right of residents to control their own lives, and meets their long-term care needs without compromising their independence. Initial and periodic medical assessments help to determine individual health care needs.



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